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Album Review!

Very grateful for a positive review for FLASH:

    “Flash begins with the title track, a very noisy and chaotic introduction/prelude for the first thirty seconds, followed by the sounds of thunder and rain and a lovely piano piece that ends abruptly, giving way to the sound of birds singing – a very interesting beginning!”
    “From Me to You” is a sweetly heartfelt ballad that builds to a passionate middle section, softens, and comes to a powerful close.”
    “‘Into the Darkness’ is one of my favorites. Edgy, mysterious and overflowing with emotion, it really communicates fear and danger that could be internal as well as external.”
    “Using a variety of musical themes ‘Crossroads’ effectively expresses the turmoil of having to make major choices in life.”
    “The bright and lively ‘Sky’s the Limit’ conveys the spirit of optimism and excitement that can come with new beginnings and promising possibilities.”
    “Grace and Peace” is another favorite. The strong melody and flowing left hand create a mood that matches the title of the song.
    “‘The Conqueror’ is something of a ballad with a variety of themes woven together to tell a story. Some of the themes are graceful and some are bigger and more powerful – a very interesting piece!”
    “The closing track, ‘Everlasting’ is intense and dramatic in the first half, becoming gentler and more peaceful in the middle, and then re-energizing to the end.”
    “Alex Rogalski is off to a very promising start!”

– Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano)

Review found here:

I would love to hear your own thoughts and feedback on the album — please drop me a note here.

Pick up a copy of FLASH today! All proceeds from the first album are to be donated to community building efforts and to help victims of injustice. Together let’s create a world built on grace and peace. Thank you.

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– Alex

Biggest Thanks

Special thanks to each person who contributed towards bringing this album to life. From my papa who was a talented accordion player and pianist to my family and especially my brother who first had me hooked on the piano after listening to Greg Maroney’s “Harmony Grove”. I am excited to share my passion with you and hear your feedback on the songs you like.

Album mastered by Roland Lim

Wall of Fame:
Doug Hammer
Michele McLaughlin
Philip Wesley
Greg Maroney
David Nevue
Joe Bongiorno
Michael Logozar
Ludovico Einaudi
Jon Schmidt
Kyle Landry
Amanda Ly
Phil Vassar
Billy Joel
Elton John



First Solo Piano Album – FLASH – Now Out!

Give it a listen today! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Best to listen to while…
working out
chilling on the couch
sitting on the sofa
watching a sunset
watching a thunderstorm
getting caught in the rain
getting ready for the day
doing laundry
walking down the stairs
surfing the web
making playlists on Spotify
…perfect for any and all occasions.

Proceeds from the website to be donated towards peace and community building initiatives – to help those afflicted by domestic violence, mental illness or broken households. If there are any other causes you would like me to consider, I would be excited to hear your voice. Together, let’s contribute towards a world in need of grace and peace. Thank you.








First Full Length Album in the Works!

Album to be released soon!