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Album Review! | Alex Rogalski

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Album Review!

By ARski3492 on Dec 10, 2016 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

Very grateful for a positive review for FLASH:

    “Flash begins with the title track, a very noisy and chaotic introduction/prelude for the first thirty seconds, followed by the sounds of thunder and rain and a lovely piano piece that ends abruptly, giving way to the sound of birds singing – a very interesting beginning!”
    “From Me to You” is a sweetly heartfelt ballad that builds to a passionate middle section, softens, and comes to a powerful close.”
    “‘Into the Darkness’ is one of my favorites. Edgy, mysterious and overflowing with emotion, it really communicates fear and danger that could be internal as well as external.”
    “Using a variety of musical themes ‘Crossroads’ effectively expresses the turmoil of having to make major choices in life.”
    “The bright and lively ‘Sky’s the Limit’ conveys the spirit of optimism and excitement that can come with new beginnings and promising possibilities.”
    “Grace and Peace” is another favorite. The strong melody and flowing left hand create a mood that matches the title of the song.
    “‘The Conqueror’ is something of a ballad with a variety of themes woven together to tell a story. Some of the themes are graceful and some are bigger and more powerful – a very interesting piece!”
    “The closing track, ‘Everlasting’ is intense and dramatic in the first half, becoming gentler and more peaceful in the middle, and then re-energizing to the end.”
    “Alex Rogalski is off to a very promising start!”

– Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano)

Review found here:

I would love to hear your own thoughts and feedback on the album — please drop me a note here.

Pick up a copy of FLASH today! All proceeds from the first album are to be donated to community building efforts and to help victims of injustice. Together let’s create a world built on grace and peace. Thank you.

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– Alex

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